OMG, Steve Carell might be in the new Minecraft movie, which would make it even more amazing

We’ve been really excited about the upcoming Minecraft movie since we learned that Rob McElhenney (yes, Mac from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia) was writing and directing it. But now we have better news — Steve Carell is thinking of starring in Minecraft, which would definitely make it a must-see.

Seriously, we just love Steve Carell in every project he’s in — obviously we laughed along with him in The Office, and we felt his pain and heartbreak in Crazy, Stupid, Love. This film would be the perfect match for him.

Carell would be providing a voice-over, which he’s already proven to be amazing at. We’re looking at you, Gru.

Carell is also the first big actor possibly attached to the movie, which is scheduled to come out in 2019.

While it might seem weird to base a whole movie around a game, that’s kinda-sorta what creators are doing these days. See: The Angry Birds Movie. Also? Assassin’s Creed, coming out this December.

It was announced that McElhenney would be directing Minecraft back in 2015. He’s directed a few episodes of Always Sunny, so while this is a big project, we think he’ll do an incredible job with it.

We’re keeping our eyes out for more Minecraft movie news (and an official Carell confirmation!)

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