OMG “Project Runway” is finally back & these are the designers we’re most excited about

One of our favorite reality competition shows is finally back, and we are so excited to see all the fabulous fashion. Project Runway premiered Season 15 last night on Lifetime, and we’re glad to have Tim Gunn back in our lives. The season kicked off with an unconventional challenge, so the designers were immediately given the task to make garments out of the materials at the welcome party. After the first show, there are a couple of designers that we’re very excited about, and we can’t wait to see what more they put together.

This designer promises killer street style that looks totally cool.


Tasha Henderson is a 33-year-old from Louisiana. She prides herself on her wearable, street pieces for the cool girl who doesn’t like to wear heels. The style she created out of reusable bags and a pillowcase was one of the outfits we could totally picture ourselves wearing. Her previous work looks effortlessly cool, and we are totally pumped to see more.


This designer wasn’t in the top, but we loved his textured cocktail dress.


Mah-Jing Wong is a 28-year-old from Philadelphia, and we were immediately endeared to his low-key demeanor and his story about how he’s doing this for his adorable daughter. Totally heart-melting! And his cocktail dress totally rocked the runway, because it was another piece that we felt we could wear right now, and that’s always exciting. Plus we love the mix of badass graffiti-like effect of the pattern and the classic shape. His other work has a great mix of laid back and businesswoman, and that’s a fun energy we’d love to see more of on the show.

Dexter clearly loves a little drama, and so do we.


Dexter Simmons, the 32-year-old from Oakland, promises a lot of drama in his looks, and his premiere look was just a taste. We loved the full-on fur dress that he created out of rugs, and the colorblock pattern of the bodice is totally chic. While the judges didn’t think he pushed it quite far enough, Dexter’s look was enough to get them (and us) excited, so we’re definitely invested. Based on some of his other looks, we are in for a pretty wild ride this season.

And of course, the winning look of the night got us crazy excited, because it is pure fun.


Designer Erin Robertson, 29-years-old from Massachusetts, definitely got our attention with her canary yellow look. She added in one of our favorite unconventional items — candy — and she made the yellow gumballs she used into effortlessly chic details. Her designs are clearly very modern, and based on her previous designs, last night’s look was not her first foray into yellow.

Season 15 is shaping up to be pretty awesome. Cheers to all of the designers!