OMG Obama just went total #healthgoth and we love it

We love President Obama, and we love the health goth trend, but never did we think the two would meet. Alas, if any president was going to (accidentally) rock the look, it would for sure be Obama, and he just rocked it in the *best* way.

Obama is officially SO health goth:

According to the official Instagram of the trend, Obama passes the test with a simple “#healthgoth” commemorating his latest look. He looks cool AF. We 100% approve.

Are you like, WTF is health goth? In a nutshell, it’s this:

Think athleisure with a goth twist and your ~edgiest~ vibes.

And this:

We’re still not done fangirling over this Nike fleece, TBH.

And, obv, this:

As #HealthGoth as it gets.

The internet, of course, approves.



And so do we. You go, Obama!

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