OMG: Milk Makeup added more shades to their glittery, galactic Eye Pigment collection

It’s pretty safe to say that we LOVE just about every product that Milk Makeup deigns to throw our way. There is not one bad guy in the bunch; though we gotta admit that our fave might just be their Eye Pigment collection — which just so happened to get five new shades today! If you haven’t tried Milk’s Eye Pigments already, you’re in for a treat. These super metalllic, liquid shadows are insanely vibrant, and since they’re so highly pigmented you only need a tiny dab to look incredible!

If you’re wary of liquid eyeshadows, don’t be alarmed! They go on super creamy and dry quickly without looking crusty. You do not have to worry about smudgy eyelids with these beauties.

You can purchase the new Eye Pigment shades online at Sephora for $24, each.

Let’s take a closer look at all the new shades!

Jam Room is an iridescent lavender.


Gig is a bronze.


After Party is a light pink.


Hotel Lobby is a champagne.


Rager is an ice blue.


Aren’t they all gorgeous? They’ll make us look like the space alien queens of our dreams!

Milk Makeup hit the scene and really blew everyone away with their gorgeous, ultra-cool marketing and design aesthetic. It’s been a thrill to find out that they can totally back up their aesthetic with really innovative, well-made, and beautiful products. Not to mention the fact that they’re committed to creating products that are ethically produced,with low environmental impact and are cruelty-free.

The folks at Milk know we are all savvy consumers who want high quality, beautifully packaged products that also align with our ethics and high standards, and they truly deliver! That way, we can happily swipe on their gorgeous products like the new Eye Pigments and feel great about supporting the company while looking fly as hell!

Are you a Milk Makeup devotee? We have a feeling that if you aren’t yet, you will be soon! Pop into your local Sephora and try the line out for yourself!

You can also snag one of the new Eye Pigments for yourself, here!

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