OMG: Jamie Lynn Spears is launching her comeback with this new song

Lately, we’ve been all about Britney. She’s been doing an awesome job, and her comeback has been fierce — and full of amazing swimsuits. But what about Jamie Lynn? It turns out, she’s been quietly planning to make her own comeback (while also being a loving, caring mother and wife!), and here is everything we know about it.

She’s just released her first brand-new song, “Sleepover,” and it has a country sound to it that we absolutely love. It was co-written with Liz Rose, one of Taylor Swift’s favorite writers, as well as Corey Crowder and Tina Parol. Spears sounds really confident in the direction she’s heading, and said in a press release, “[‘Sleepover’] really set the tone for the new music that I’m creating. It really gave me an idea of what I wanted to say and what I wanted the theme of the new music to be.”

She’ll also be in an upcoming one-hour special this Sunday on TLC, which will allow fans a look into her life. We’ll get a special peek at what it takes to be a country artist, as well as a mother and a wife.

We can’t wait to see what else Jamie Lynn does with her career, and we’ll be listening to all her new music as it comes out. You can find “Sleepover” on Spotify and iTunes.

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