OMG Fergie took her 2-year-old son Axl to his first baseball game and it’s too cute to handle

Feeling grumpy is the worst, but there’s nothing like a photo of an adorable cherub-faced child enjoying the simple things in life to boost your mood. Unless your spirit animal is Grumpy Cat, we can pretty much guarantee there’s no way to look at this photo of Fergie’s son Axl Jack attending his first baseball game without at least cracking a half-grin.



On second thought, we take that back: This loving family moment between between Fergie Ferg, her hubby Josh Duhamel and the couple’s adorable 2-year-old should force your facial muscles into full-fledged cheesy grin.

Seriously, it’s that cute.


On Sunday, Duhamel took his spot on the mound to throw out the first pitch at Dodgers Stadium where the home team took on the Boston Red Sox. As part of their son’s first game festivities, Duhamel and a fierce-looking Fergie made sure Axl Jack made sure he got the VIP experience, treating him to a hot dog and a little quality time with sportscaster Vin Scully. The adorable tot, dressed in a t-shirt and cutoff blue jean shorts, also had some up close and personal interaction with the Dodgers’ mascot Toomgis.

While we love keeping tabs on Fergie’s amazing fashion, her music and the way she styles her lovely lady locks, these super sweet moments of the “M.I.L.F. $” singer spending time with family are simply too cute to miss.

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