All your fave characters are reuniting for “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie”

All these years, we’ve always hoped that our fave kids from Hey Arnold! were out there, somewhere, hanging out on a stoop together, waiting to make their return. It turns out, that’s not so far from the truth — and it was confirmed today by Nickelodeon that many of our favorite characters will be coming back to pick right up where they left off in 2004.

The movie will be called Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie. Craig Bartlett, the animator of the original series, recently posted this photo, and it looks like the kids are in for a real adventure. Supposedly, we’re going to find out what happened to Arnold’s parents, and we hope they’re reunited — possibly, between some dense, lush trees and with some exotic animals watching, who could really say.

TVLine says that while Lane Toran and Jamil Smith, who initially voiced Arnold and Gerald, will be returning, they’ll be voicing supplemental characters — in the new movie, Arnold will be voiced by Mason Vale Cotton of Mad Men and Gerald will be voiced by Benjamin Flores, Jr. of Game Shakers. Other returning familiar voices will include Helga (Francesca Marie Smith), Olga (Nika Futterman), Phoebe (Anndi McAfee), Rhonda (Olivia Hack), Harold (Justin Shenkarow), Grandpa (Dan Castellaneta), and Grandma (Tress MacNeille).

Craig Bartlett also recently posted this photo of Lane and Jamil together, presumably in the sound booth, and we are just so excited.

We’re hoping Arnold and Helga finally get together, and that Harold stops being so misunderstood. There’s a lot to unpack here, and we can’t wait. The movie is set to premiere in 2017, and we’ll be ready as ever.