Why OMG Cat is our new favorite cat and will soon be yours too

It’s official. Cats really do rule the Internet. This opinion fact has been recently solidified by Beyne the British Shorthair cat who has the most perfectly placed dark tuft of fur on his chin. The Internet has dubbed him OMG Cat because his markings make him look permanently shocked. And OMG, we are overcome with cuteness.

Benye has practically become a household name on Duitang, a social media site in China, and he deserves all the love and attention he can get from us. (Maybe not too much attention, because that would make little Benye go hide under the sofa.) We feel that is is our duty to help OMG Cat reach supreme Internet kitty fame status. Because if any cat deserves it, it’s OMG Cat.

Behold, one of the greatest, furry treasures to have ever blessed this digital earth: OMG Cat and his many moods and personas:

In this very moment, OMG Cat has spotted a morsel of dust on the wall. This excites OMG Cat greatly.

OMG Cat is NOT thrilled he is being served kibbles again; he demands wet food, and he demands it NOW.

OMG Cat has acquired Photobooth and there’s no telling where this obsession may lead. Elite Cat Model Management? America’s Next Top Kitty?

MONDAYS, amirite?

This picture was taken when OMG Cat learned Hello Kitty was not actually a cat.

Fur is HOW many calories?!

OMG Cat does not wish to be bothered during his morning yoga routine. Benye, you may look a little pensive here, but we love you anyway.

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