OMG We Bought A House! Episode 13: Out Of The Closet!

Joey and I feel very at home in our new house however, my shoes, are feeling left out! Today’s episode is all about giving our clothes and shoes a worthy situation and thankfully, Kathryn, from Closet Factory has come to help us get a custom closet! I have more than… uh.. 100 pairs of shoes. EEEEK. I’m not ashamed! So, when Kathryn told me they could all fit on a custom shelf, I could hardly contain my excitement.

Tip: Measure your shoe length and width and times it by how many pairs of shoes you own to know how much room you’ll need to house them all… hint, you may need to give some away… I know, it’s so sad!

The BEFORE of the phone nook that we plan to break into to extend our closet 2 more feet. We will keep the archway and put a mirror on the wall or something cool…

The closet BEFORE – has racks and shelves that just aren’t maximizing the space….

Joey’s closet door… we plan to put a wall between to the two doors to get more surface area for storage.

Comment and let us know what you think! xox

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