OMG: Anastasia Beverly Hills is bringing back and expanding their popular gloss set from last year

We’ve already come to terms with the fact that lip glosses are back in a major way and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon — get on board, lovelies! So we are extra pumped to find out that Anastasia Beverly Hills is bringing back gorgeous gloss sets in full-sized versions. They may have gotten their fame from their positively glorious brow products, but their lipsticks are just as incredible and swoon-worthy.

Not only do we absolutely love ABH’s lip glosses, but we adore being able to pick up their mini kits every season. It’s a great way to stay on top of color trends without breaking the bank! And as if it isn’t enough that they are bringing back some favorites from last year’s lip gloss sets in full-sized options, but they’ve added three new shades as well!

The new shades are Parfait, Moon Jelly, and Girl — and we love those names! Should we get a cat and call him Moon Jelly?

We don’t have an exact date yet on when these beauties will drop, but we do know they’re part of the summer 2017 collection. It can’t be much longer now! Since the rest of ABH’s lip gloss collection retails for $16 a gloss, we have a feeling that we can confidently say that these new shades will also be the same price.

In the meantime, why not keep yourself busy with the limitless number of lipsticks you could customize for yourself with their $48 Lip Palette? It’s available online now and will be in-stores on March 15th.

We will never get over the fact that we can create our own lip shades from scratch!

Our lips will always love ABH just as much as our brows do! If you’re a lip gloss gal, then these are an absolute must-have. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on these lovely new hues, and we’ll be sure to let you know the moment we hear anything else about them!

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