OMG: A Selena Quintanilla TV show is happening and we are SO excited

There is a beautiful art blessing on the horizon in the form of a Selena Quintanilla TV show and there are few television ideas we would cosign quicker than a tribute to the late singer. Pretty much anyone familiar with her work would agree that the life of Selena Quintanilla ended far too soon, and this newly green-lit television show on Endemol Shine North America will pay tribute to Selena’s life through the eyes of her husband Chris Perez’s book To Selena With Love.

The TV series about Selena will be adapted for a multi-lingual audience in both English and Spanish and it has the possibility to be made into a movie (will JLO play our beloved Selena again?!) as well as a miniseries.

We’re fully ready to weep, laugh, and sing along as directed.

The CEO of Endemol Shine North America, Cris Abergo, shared his excitement for the Selena series in a statement published on Deadline:

"Chris Perez’s beautiful book To Selena With Love captured their amazing life together and will make for the perfect foundation for a TV series that our team is currently developing for both English and Spanish audiences worldwide."

They have yet to give us details of exact dates or what the adaptation itself will look like, but we are eager to watch it unfold and celebrate the life of the one and only Selena.

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