This is why Olympic volleyballer Kerri Walsh Jennings is a #BOSS

There are a ton of athletes who have wowed us during the Rio Olympics this year — literally too many to count. But volleyballer Kerri Walsh Jennings is particularly inspiring. What makes her so special, you ask?

This is her 5th time competing in the Olympic games. This woman is DETERMINED.

She’s the mother of three, and she was actually pregnant during the London Olympics in 2012. YAS QUEEN! Plus, she shares her success with her kids, with captions like, “my days are filled with blessed moments of the highest kind. Man oh man! I am one lucky girl.”

Her pet peeves are liars, manipulators, and excuses.


She looks up to Michael Jordan as a role model, not only because he was “the best,” but because he, “did it all with enthusiasm and heart.” Awwww!


She’s also INCREDIBLY humble, saying, “I still haven’t figured out when I started kicking ass in volleyball. I feel like I haven’t kicked ass enough yet. So I’m a work in progress.”

And her message to other female athletes is inspiring: “We have these beautiful bodies, we’re so strong and so capable, and it’s such a possibility to be beautifully feminine and strong and fit.” SO MUCH YES.


And that’s how you reach mega #LADYBOSS status. More people like Kerri Walsh Jennings in the world please!