The Olympic Village’s leftover food will not go to waste — the plans are so inspiring

If there was an Olympic gold medal for being a great humanitarian, then these top chefs serving Olympic athletes in Rio would win with flying colors. Top international culinary artists are serving leftover food from the Olympic Village to feed the poor, according to The Telegraph.

These chefs deserve a gold medal.


Even though Olympic athletes, trainers and officials need all of the energy and food they can get, there’s still a lot of leftovers that Italian chef Massimo Bottura and Brazilian chef David Hertz will not let go to waste.

The two culinary artists were inspired by Refettorio Ambrosiano, a project in Italy that brought 65 chefs together to cook meals using donated ingredients from the Milan World Expo, The Telegraph reports.

The Refettorio Ambrosiano site explains that Massimo Bottura has decided to create a six-month program that will involve bringing top chefs in the world to prepare dishes from excess and waste ingredients.

With the help of David Hertz, Mr. Bottura is able to put his program into gear at the Olympics in Rio. They’ve rounded up over 40 chefs from around the globe to help them with their project, Reuters reports. Both chefs are aiming to create 5,000 meals a day from the leftover food from the Olympic Village.


The top culinary artists taking part in this initiative are working with ingredients and foods that are about to be wasted.

“Like ugly fruit and vegetables, or yogurt that is going to be wasted in two days if you don’t buy it,” David explained to the Thomas Reuters Foundation. “We want to fight hunger and provide access to good food.”

Reuters points out that between 30 and 40 percent of food produced around the world is never eaten due to spoiling after harvest and being damaged during transportation. Sometimes, it’s simply thrown away by consumers.

Brazilian chef David hopes this initiative continues in every city hosting the Olympics. He said he would like this to become a movement, not only to fight food waste and feed the hungry, but to provide training for future cooks, bakers and waiters.

Not all heroes wear capes, y’all.

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