The USA Olympic Swim team just lip synced every song you’re embarrassed to have on your iPod

We’ve always known there’s more to being an athlete than just what you see as a spectator. Tons of sweat and tears, countless sacrifices…and, apparently, hours spent singing karaoke.

Inspired by James Corden’s hit Carpool Karaoke, the USA Olympic team just filmed themselves singing along to literally every song we were all slightly embarrassed about still having on our iPods… until now.

It started with Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, and transitioned to Taylor Swift and Fifth Harmony hits, later featuring the theme songs to That 70’s Show and Pokemon, and Chicken Fried. 

The whole video was full of the kind of energy you would expect from Olympic athletes, but also had some weird, funny, and sweet moments

They dressed up as lobsters (is there a reference we’re missing here?), ordered fast food and obsessed over which sauces to get, and proudly displayed an American flag.

The whole thing was shot on a number of GoPro cameras, which you can sometimes see in the screen, and which you hear the person at the window of the fast food restaurant asking about.


They even interacted with strangers on the street, asking them to dance for the camera, and jokingly asking for directions to Rio.

One of the best moments was when Michael Phelps’ mom called and he told her he would have to call her back because he was in the middle of a very important session of Carpool Karaoke

The video appropriately ended with a song by Queen of the mid 2000s Miley Cyrus’ most lip-synch worthy song, Party in the USA.

We’re not saying we have a favorite Olympic team, buuuut…. maybe some other teams should step up their karaoke game a little bit.

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