Olympic swimmer Fu Yuanhui’s adorable reaction to winning a bronze medal makes her our new hero

Olympic athletes are on an entirely different level of badassery. They spend the majority of their lives working their butts off to achieve their loftiest goals, so when one of them actually wins an Olympic medal, they reserve the right to celebrate openly. But outside of a high-five/fist pump combo, a tear at the podium, or maybe even an ugly cry we’re not sure we’ve ever seen an Olympian react to winning a medal with the unbridled enthusiasm of Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui.

Last Sunday, the 20-year-old swam her personal best time in the women’s 100m backstroke semi-finals, but she had no idea about her awesome accomplishment until a reporter told her.

Cue the cutest meltdown in history:


LOL. Aaaand she still absolutely CANNOT…


OMG! Can we hug her?!?

On Monday night, Yuanhui won the bronze medal in the women’s 100m backstroke and her reaction on the podium resonated with our inner geek goddess on SO many levels: false

LOVE IT. Not only does Yuanhui OWN her right to celebrate, she officially owns our hearts.