The real reason the Olympic pool is green is actually REALLY dangerous

While most of the Olympic coverage has been focused on the incredible athletes from around the world, some attention has been focused on a certain place — the Olympic pools. It looks like there is a pretty concerning and dangerous reason why one of the swimming pools turned green seemingly overnight. Officials are dealing with the situation as this news breaks.

At first, people thought that the green pool in the swimming center was just a cute touch from the host country, purposefully created to go with the very green theme of the Rio Olympics. Turns out that this was not the case.


Apparently, the green water was caused by a contractor company that mistakenly poured 80 liters of hydrogen peroxide into the pool on the day of the opening ceremony. On August 5th, both the diving and the water polo/synchro pools were contaminated. It took the chemicals a few days to react and cause the greenish hue. Luckily, the internet has a great sense of humor, even if the athletes would prefer for this to not have happened in the first place.

The real winner of the green pool fiasco has been the Instagram user Hanna Lindeypants, who figured out a very cool thing: The green color of the Rio Olympics is key green, perfect for green-screening.

If you have the technical know-how, I would suggest sitting down and trying it out for yourself. It’s brought a lot of joy into a very serious situation.

The host country has assured the public and athletes that they will handle the water situation. They will be disposing of the green water and replacing it with water from a nearby practice pool.

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