Get ready for a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen museum

While we aren’t able to see Mary-Kate and Ashley on Fuller House, we may have the next best thing in store for us: An Olsen twins museum!

To outdo last year’s exhibit dedicated to figure skaters Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan – which they set up in their apartment – Brooklyn comedians Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen now want to go big or go home. (Also, they’ve run out of room in their actual home.) That’s why, according to Racked, they’ve created a Kickstarter to fund a THNK1994 Museum storefront.


If they reach their $9,500 goal, they will use the money to rent a space that will host “The Olsen Twins Hiding From the Paparazzi” exhibit, which features a series of paintings designed by artist Laura Collins. The comedians write, “Laura’s paintings tell the story of how, using a patented system of approximately 700 lbs of beautiful clothes, strategically high collars, face sized bags, and tiny house-sized sunglasses, the Olsens are able to hide themselves from unwanted photographers.”

Here’s a taste of the painted series:

In addition to Collins’ work, there will also be free LaCroix and cultural events such as: the Past Life Regression Seminar, the Real Housewives Symposium, and Sia-Cycle. The latter is an all-Sia, Soul-Cycle class, which won’t feature actual bikes, but it will feature a choreographer who teaches dance moves that make it look like you’re on an actual bike (while she compliments you, of course). The comedians add, “Basically, if we all agree that we ‘see’ bikes, and ‘feel’ bikes, there will be bikes?”

Olen and Harkins also hope to construct a large-scale sculpture of what a Mary-Kate wedding table presumably looked like. On it, there will be “bowls of cigarettes, black orchids, and a button that you can press that doesn’t seem to do anything but then 45 seconds later you hear someone scream in the distance. You know, celebrity stuff!”


If they reach their goal in the next 18 days (they’ve already raised $2,510!), the comedians plan to open their Olsen museum for two weeks in April. However, they do have stretch goals that would allow the exhibit to open for an entire month or even a full year!

The Mary-Kate and Ashley enthusiasts conclude, “Honestly we already picked out the strobe light so we don’t anticipate any issues.”