Olivia Wilde’s Broadway show is so intense that audience members are literally passing out

We were super excited when we heard that Olivia Wilde would be starring in 1984, a Broadway play based on the famous book by George Orwell. Performances started up on May 18th, and it’s already making headlines. Why? Well, Wilde’s excellent performance aside, a record number of people fainted during a recent show. Four, to be exact.

The show is Wilde’s first on Broadway, and officially opens on June 22nd. So this is the perfect time for them to work out any possible kinks. But, who knows who might have caused such a mass reaction — it could have been heat, or loud sounds during the performance, or perhaps it was totally a coincidence.

No matter what it was, exactly, Wilde was quick to reach out on Twitter.

According to writer Jill Schiefelbein who was in the audience, the show was definitely emotional and terrifying.

Orwell’s novel is about a man named Winston Smith, who is trying to escape Big Brother’s tyranny. So, it makes sense for the play to be a little heavy.

 In fact, she has acknowledged the fact that it’s a little more extreme than people might assume.

Wilde, who plays the role of Julia, did try to make light of the situation, giving a warning that “this is not your grandma’s Broadway.”

No matter what, it’s sweet that she acknowledged the four guests on social media. And, note to Broadway fans out there: If you’re looking to see 1984 on Broadway, you might want to prepare for an intense ride.

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