Olivia Wilde had THIS to say about subway riders who don’t offer their seats to pregnant women, and, slow clap

As you already know, Olivia Wilde is pretty darn pregnant. But what you might not know is that Olivia Wilde still depends on public transportation. After a specific subway incident, Wilde took to Twitter to rant a bit.

And let’s be honest here. If someone won’t give up a seat for a pregnant Olivia Wilde, they’re not giving up a seat for any pregnant woman. Since pregnancy takes such a toll on your body, it’s just a really nice gesture, and proof that we all still try to look out for each other (and the almost-born babies of the world. Since hey, if Mom is stressed, baby is stressed.)

Of course, a few people didn’t really like Wilde’s suggestion. Some called her entitled, while others mentioned that pregnancy was a choice.

But, let’s sit and think about this a bit — upon seeing someone visibly in need of rest, do their personal finances or sexual decisions really play into the solution? In our decision, do we factor in if we thought the pregnancy was happily planned, or brought along by abuse? No.

While we know that Wilde is a popular actress, it doesn’t mean that she should be treated as a lesser female than a pregnant woman who’s not in the spotlight. It’s a little ridiculous, if you think about it.


Others noted that Wilde was also unaware of the possible silent health conditions of her  fellow passengers — and of course, that’s true. However, Wilde’s experience wasn’t an isolated incident. In fact, pregnant women get ignored on public transportation quite often. In 2010, a Gurgle.com poll revealed that a little more than four in five pregnant women said that they were left standing on subways and trains.


In short, is it mandatory to give up your seat? Of course not. But is it the respectable thing to do? Yes. And hopefully Wilde talking about it publicly will make people think twice if they’re in a better position than someone else to stand for the remainder of the ride.

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