Olivia Wilde Celebrated Her Son’s Birthday With These Rare Photos of Both of Her Kids

Of *course* they both have great hair.

It’s not often that Olivia Wilde shares a glimpse of her children on the internet, but when she does, it’s always worth the wait. In honor of her son’s birthday, Wilde shared an update on her kids on Instagram this week, and yep, it’s adorable.

Wilde is mom to two kids with ex Jason Sudeikis, whom she split from last year after almost a decade together: Daisy, 4, and Otis, who turned 7 on April 20th. Though she does tend to maintain her children’s privacy as much as possible, she seemed happy to make an exception for such a special occasion.

These blondies are too cute—even though we can’t see their faces.

She kept the caption pretty simple, just adding two hatching chick emojis, and later, she took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of her smooching Otis on the cheek, writing, “my heart turned 7.” She’s not posting too many new details about these kiddos, but still, this is quality content.

Olivia Wilde with Otis

This is the first photo of her kids that Wilde has shared since November, when she posted a photo of Otis holding a sparkler.

Wilde and Sudeikis, though broken up, have shared that they’re both committed to responsible coparenting. A source shared with People in March that there is “no animosity between” the two of them, and despite both of them moving on to other relationships, they’re making their children a priority. We love exes who remain civil!

Here’s hoping Otis had an awesome birthday. Fingers crossed we’ll get to see more of him soon!

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