Olivia Wilde Puts Beliebers On Blast For Crazy Tweets

By now, you’ve probably heard about Olivia Wilde’s tweet to Justin Bieber:

The Biebs has been in London, possibly having a meltdown/definitely having the “worst birthday” ever. And it’s cold in London. So a photo emerges of the Biebs entering his hotel, sans shirt., and Olivia offers some friendly advice.

Naturally, Beliebers attacked. And Olivia Wilde, being the super-funny, super-sarcastic person that she is, fought back. On Jay Leno.

Wilde then took the least expletive-ridden tweets she could find and read them out loud:

Good for you, girl. Get the last laugh! Few have been bold enough to take on the Beliebers, but showing how crazy they’re acting makes you seem more sane than ever.

Watch the full clip here. How would you handle an angry mob of Beliebers? Does anyone else think that they need to calm down?

Featured image via Eonline.com

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