Olivia Wilde just posted an ADORABLE picture of her cuddling baby Daisy, and we’re in love!

While we’re already missing pregnant Olivia Wilde (I mean, she pretty much showed the world that pregnant women can rock high fashion when she was full-on bump) we’re so glad that her daughter, Daisy Josephine Sudeikis, arrived both happy and healthy.

According to Wilde, Daisy was born on Tuesday, October 11th. According to the world (or at the very least, everyone who checks out Wilde’s Instagram feed) she’s absolutely stunning and gorgeous. If you’ve been following the Sudeikis/Wilde clan, you know that Daisy is the official little sister to baby Otis, who was born on April 20th, 2014. He’s going to be a fantastic big brother.

(Seriously, don’t you just want to give her a gentle hug? That is one cute baby!)

Lucky for us, Wilde isn’t afraid to share pictures of her newborn on social media. Aside from the announcement, she also posted this incredible photo of the two of them. Get ready to aww.

See that right there? That’s the smile of one proud mama.

While Daisy is too young to vote, we all know who she’d support if she had the chance. In fact, it’s all thanks to this election that we learned she was going to be born a “she” in the first place.

We’re hoping for nothing but rest, relaxation, and prime bonding time for Jason, Olivia, Otis, and Daisy in the near future! Many congratulations to the family for having yet another sweet and adorable kid!

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