Olivia Wilde revealed the real reason why Jennifer Lawrence threw up at the “1984” Broadway show

The other day it was reported that Jennifer Lawrence got sick and threw up during the Broadway play 1984. At first, we assumed it was because of the subject matter of the play, as it has been reported that the show is so violently explicit that it is actually making people vomit and faint.

We thought Jen had fallen prey to the graphic nature of the show, and girl, honestly we feel you — this show sounds intense.

Turns out Jen just had the stomach flu on the day she decided to see 1984.

We can’t imagine seeing this show while healthy, she’s a trooper for going with a stomach bug.

Olivia Wilde stars in the current Broadway adaptation of the iconic book and while she continues to support her show, even with its audience casualties, we appreciate her taking the time to note this unfortunate aspect of attending the show.

Olivia also thanked Jen for coming, even though it made her sick. In fact, Olivia seemed honored that the Oscar winner would power through the flu to see the show.

Awww. Kudos to Jen for supporting fellow actresses, even when she feels like crap.

Later that night, Jen supported pal Amy Schumer at her benefit comedy show. Amy noted Jen was sick in this Instagram caption when she thanked her friends including Lawrence “with the stomach flu…”

We hope you feel better Jen! Also, respect to Olivia for understanding that she’s starring in a seriously intense show.