Olivia Wilde got a bad curling iron burn, still looks glam AF

Thanks in part to social media, we’ve learned throughout the years that our favorite celebrities are just like us. Case in point: Olivia Wilde got bad curling iron burn, and decided to shrug it off by showcasing it on her Instagram account. It’s happened to us plenty of times, but never before did we realize that it’s simply a battle wound from our morning routine.

While she still looks glamorous, we can almost feel Wilde’s injury through the screen — the burn is circular and located on her left arm. It happened to be right under her intriguing tattoo, which reads “all love, A.” During a chat on Reddit back in 2013, Wilde revealed that the tattoo was a tribute to her late uncle and close friend, Alexander Cockburn.

Wilde’s photos are often accompanied by fun captions, and this one is no different.

"Sweet arm burn," she wrote, adding "(Evidence of why I should never be trusted with a curling iron or any equipment that isn't child-locked.)"

We understand her comment on kid-proofing. Sometimes moms can get so focused on making sure things are safe for their kids, that they temporarily forget that actual everyday items (that aren’t the stereotypical electrical socket or sharp corner) can lead to burns or injury.

Wilde is currently acting in the Broadway show 1984, which — aside from her incredible acting — has made the news due to the fact that it’s literally made audience members sick. She’s also got two movies that are set to be released in 2018, proving further that a burn won’t interfere with her being an unstoppable force.

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