Olivia Wilde awesomely tells us why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to stars in movies

Actress Olivia Wilde recently sat down with HuffPo Live and was adamant about us regular people knowing that, while stars tend to look pretty flawless onscreen, a lot of that is movie-making magic.

“I looked at this huge wall of glow-y light and all these bounce boards underneath me,” Wilde said, recounting a moment on set, “and I thought, like, people are at home watching movies, thinking they’re supposed to look a certain way — that kind of flawless nature that Hollywood promotes in some films.”

It’s important to her that people know just how much something like lighting effects the look of an actor, because it’s information she wishes she had growing up.

“I feel like when I was an adolescent, that [message] would’ve been illuminating for me,” she explained. “I would’ve appreciated someone letting me know that none of this is real.”

In her new movie “Meadowland,” Wilde doesn’t wear makeup, but she REALLY doesn’t want you to call this choice “brave.”

“It’s so silly. I don’t hear people calling men brave for not wearing foundation.”

We love Wilde’s commitment to separating fantasy and reality and helping us understand how much movie magic goes into making stars look the way they do on screen

“I’m a proponent in general of people loving themselves,” Wilde said. Us too, Olivia, us too.

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