Olivia Wilde explains the biggest difference between Christmas as a twenty-something and as a parent

You know how that warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling started to fade away a bit in your late teens/early 20s? So sad. Well, we might have some good news for you (if you are planning on having children). Olivia Wilde says that youthful yuletide sentiment returned for her when she had kids. Interesting!

Olivia explains in an interview with Vanity Fair:

“You learn to embrace the things that you maybe stopped enjoying as you became an adult. So things become fun again. If you’re getting a Christmas tree, that becomes a whole event. As a young adult in your 20s, you don’t care about your Christmas tree. Christmas becomes just a time to drink . . . a lot. So having kids kind of moves it away from the drinking and back to childhood ideas of Christmas.


The last part about Christmas in your 20s not being about the tree? Sooo true. Sigh.

Olivia has two children with partner Jason Sudeikis. They have a son, Otis, and just welcomed baby daughter, Daisy, in October! We can’t imagine how exciting this Christmas season is for them!

Sudeikis has previously gushed about how great of a mom Olivia is. He said in an interview with People earlier this year:

"When I look at Olivia and the way that she pulls off all these things — it’s gonna be easy for [Otis] to grow up in a house of love and respect because I feel that way about his mom.

Christmas must be so amazing in such a loving household! Happy holidays to the Wilde/Sudeikis family!

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