Today in feelings: Olivia Wilde talks about that time she met Chris Farley when she was a kid

Saturday Night Live alum and all-around funny guy Chris Farley was only 33 when he passed away nearly twenty years ago, but he’ll always have special real estate in our hearts. And we will always remember the comedian fondly. Why? Because he was a wonderful, one-of-a-kind human.

Actress Olivia Wilde was recently a guest on the Late Late Show with host James Corden and shared with him (and all of us) a heartwarming anecdote about the time she met Farley when she was just 10 years old. Little Olivia was a guest at an after-party for SNL (how amazing was her childhood?) when she encountered Farley at the dessert table.

“I was a fat kid…eating a brownie, kind of self-consciously. Chris Farley walked up, locked eyes with me, took a brownie, put it in his mouth. Then took another brownie, and put it in his mouth. Then another one, and put it in his mouth. Then he started slamming them into his mouth,” Olivia said.

If you’re familiar with Farley’s comedic work, you can probably picture this in your mind as vividly as his fat guy in a little coat bit. Farley was certainly not someone to shy away from physical comedy and it’s obvious he was the type of guy who would do anything to bring a smile to a child’s face.

“He took time out of his party to come over and make me laugh. It was so moving, so sweet,” Wild tells Corden in the interview. We definitely agree. Here’s the full story:

If this got you sentimental and nostalgic for some good ol’ Farley-style laughs, you’re in luck because his two biggest hits, Tommy Boy AND Black Sheep are both currently streaming on Netflix. Additionally, the recent documentary about the talented comedian, I Am Chris Farley, is now available for download on iTunes. You can check out the trailer for it here.

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