Olivia Wilde’s birthday message to fiancé Jason Sudeikis is making our hearts cry

Funny man Jason Sudeikes turned 41 yesterday, and since he’s currently in Toronto filming his new movie Downsizing, his lovely fiancé Olivia Wilde made sure he knew exactly how much he’s loved (despite the fact that they’re apart). She did so by posting the sweetest, most adorably lovey-dovey message to Sudeikes on Instagram in honor of his birthday, and it made our hearts swoon. So we can only imagine what it did to Sudeikes’ heartstrings.

"Old pic of this old couple," she wrote. "Happy Birthday to my best friend, my favorite co-pilot on how-the-hell-do-you-raise-a-kid airlines, the greatest karaoke buddy known to man (or woman), the funniest, loveliest dude I've ever met, and much, much more. I love you.🎈❤️🎈"

Wilde was in Toronto last week visiting Sudeikes with their son Otis, and based on the super fun Instagram pics she posted, it looks like they had a great time.

Otis, most of all, who played so hard he straight up took a nap on a slide. #lifegoals

"Nap time," Wilde wrote.

She posted a sweet picture of Otis playing in the sand, with a thank you letter to the city of Toronto.

"Last day in the sand 🌞," she wrote. "Props for being so cool to kids, Toronto. And to every kind Canadian who held open doors for a sweaty pregnant mom with a heavy stroller containing a toddler screaming something along the lines of 'I know you hide chocolate in your bag, mama! Give to me' ...I thank you. ❤️"

Wilde is pregnant with the couple’s second child, and is due pretty much any minute.

Happy birthday, Jason. You’re clearly loved!

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