Olivia Wilde posts an Instagram of an “apostrophe crime” and girl, we get it

OMG. We all know how totally irritating it can be to see a missing apostrophe, or an apostrophe where one shouldn’t be. There are apostrophe RULES, people. We need follow them for a smoother, more organized society. Otherwise, anarchy! Grammatical anarchy!

Olivia Wilde spied the most frustrating apostrophe crime, on the side of a building. There, in graffiti bigger than bigger, MASSIVE, somewhere in what looks like Brooklyn, was a phrase. Lacking the requisite apostrophe and following letter, the sentence is all wrong. Good intentions gone very, very bad.

“Taking everything in my body not to jump off this bridge to fix this apostrophe crime,” Wilde posted.

US TOO. If we had to look at that every morning from our balcony, we’d probably go mad.

The site makes us want to scale that wall with a bucket of paint and fix this business. For our own mental health.

Dear graffiti artists: do the world a favor and learn basic punctuation.

Here’s a fun and educational video about the difference between YOUR and YOU’RE.


And, for simplicity’s sake, we’ll break it down for you:

You’re is a contraction and is short for the two words ‘you are’.

As in, “Smile, you are beautiful.”

You’re welcome.

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