Olivia Wilde just made an excellent and important point about abortion access

As a mother pregnant with her second child, actress Olivia Wilde knows that being a mom is all about choice. That’s why she’s been so vocal about access to reproductive healthcare, and posted about it on Instagram a few days ago after attending Tuesday’s Physicians for Reproductive Health’s Voices of Courage benefit. The benefit celebrated “extraordinary abortion providers,” and Olivia wanted to throw her support behind the awesome men and women giving pregnant people the choices they deserve.

“I was deeply honored to host their event tonight, as they recognized the heroic doctors on the front lines of the battle to provide safe, and affordable reproductive health care to women nationwide,” Olivia wrote in the Instagram post, before going on to drop the mic:

Additionally, Olivia spoke to Cosmopolitan.com about the event, and why reproductive rights are so important. “In terms of access to abortion, I feel so lucky that I was able to choose when to become a mother, and that in between my two children, I was able to plan that I didn’t want to have one right away,” she said. The actress said she realized that she had always taken things like contraception for granted, but that other people aren’t as lucky, and really rely on the support of these awesome physicians.

The way Olivia sees it, there’s no point fighting something that is going to happen regardless, so we might as well work towards making these safe resources available so everyone can be as fortunate when it comes to being free to make their own choices about their bodies. That’s something we can really get behind!

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