Jessica Pearson Is TV’s Most Underrated Lady-Boss

When most people talk about a strong black woman on a primetime TV series, the conversation usually turns toward Scandal’s Olivia Pope. Olivia is everything that every woman wants to be: intelligent, savvy, complicated, and sharp with a commanding presence. When Scandal is on TV, she is the ruler of all Twitter hashtags, Facebook posts, and Instagram memes. And, days after an episode airs, her scathing soliloquies and wardrobe wins are posted on virtually every website on the planet.

But, she’s not the only TV boss-woman bringing diversity and female empowerment to primetime. Veteran actress Gina Torres just completed her fourth season portraying Jessica Pearson on USA Network’s hit show Suits. (Although the season just ended this week, you can binge-watch episodes on HuluPlus, Amazon Prime, or USA Network’s website.) Jessica is intelligent, bold, impeccably dressed, and all about her business as a co-founder and managing partner of the fictitious law firm Pearson Specter.

While Olivia will always have a special place in the hearts of Scandal addicts, there is always room for another powerful woman who runs the show. Here’s why Jessica Pearson deserves some serious credit.

1. She’s the leader of a tight-knit and loyal group

Like Olivia, when Jessica brings a new co-worker into her tight-knit circle, she pledges her unwavering loyalty to them. And, despite unethical decisions and poor judgment, Jessica will stick by an employee through critical times. Like Olivia, after she straightens an employee out, she immediately gets to work on concocting a plan to fix the problem. Jessica is deeply invested in her group and believes that wins and losses are shared among everyone from partners to interns. She will quickly jump to the aid of her allies and she will not hesitate to terminate a threat to her firm. Obviously, Olivia and Jessica are fiercely dedicated to the firms they have built from the ground up.

2. Every move Jessica makes has a purpose

Olivia is known for crafting brilliant plans and executing them quickly. She never makes a move without a specific purpose. And, as a lawyer, Jessica Pearson runs her successful practice with the same calculating strategy. Jessica’s eyes are open and her ears are constantly tuned into her surroundings, as she calmly deliberates her next move. If she has a conversation, it is for a reason. And, she will use those around her as a part of her plot to prevail in any given situation.

3. She’s amazingly confident 

Olivia isn’t the only powerful lady with a mean walk. When Jessica walks into a room, all eyes are on her. With her shoulders squared, eyes focused, and her long locks flowing behind her, the woman in charge at Pearson Specter is impossible to miss. Her signature stride, no-nonsense demeanor, and unbridled confidence attracts the attention of others. When Jessica boldly voices her expert opinion, people take notes. And everyone around her, including her enemies, are all vying for her respect.

4. Her wardrobe is heavenly

Olivia Pope may be a style icon, but Jessica is right there in her league. From her knee-length skirts and unique necklines to her penchant for color-blocking, every outfit she wears is utterly worth copying. So let’s give the lady the credit—and the obsessive following—she deserves. Jessica Pearson for the win.

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