Olivia Palermo’s dog is the perfect shopping companion in this adorable video

There’s no denying that Olivia Palermo is a total force in the fashion world. But did you know that one of the sounding boards behind her impeccable style is none other than her fluffy white dog, Mr. Butler?

At least, that’s what a video created by Amazon Fashion Europe wants us to think. In the clip, we can actually hear the adorable Maltese’s thoughts — and his voice sounds like that of a well-groomed (get it??) British man, no less. Well, after seeing Mr. Butler’s many appearances in Olivia’s Instagram photos, we can’t say we’re surprised by his style know-how.

Mr. Butler is a true fashionista.

In the video, Olivia rummages through her (ridiculously amazing) closet, trying on items that she might be able to gift to her friends for the holidays. (Although Olivia doesn’t exactly strike us as the re-gifting type.) But it turns out that Mr. Butler is really good at his job — because he predicts exactly how she’s going to talk herself into keeping every single one of the pieces. Who knew that a dog is one of Olivia’s most trusted style confidantes? And by the way, each of the outfits she wears is pitch perfect, so we’re not surprised she decided to keep it all.


Totes adorbs, right?

And it turns out that Mr. Butler has an eye for fashion himself. At the end, the pooch notices “a shiny thing” and fetches a gold necklace, which Olivia mistakenly thinks is for her.

“Mr. B, is that for me?!” Olivia squeals.

“She never needs to know I thought that thing was my bling,” the pup says. “Let’s just keep it between us.”

Oh, Mr. Butler. How can we get you your own TV show? This video is further proof that a dog is truly girl’s best friend — and a pretty savvy shopping companion, to boot.

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