Olivia Palermo is the latest lady to wear a suit on the red carpet, and hers might be our favorite yet

For those looking for a new trend to drool over, look no more. Pantsuits are IN, baby, and celebrities are embracing the look. Fashionista Olivia Palermo is the latest innovator to wear a suit on the red carpet, and hers might be our favorite yet.

What else can make you feel powerful, elegant, and like a boss-ass CEO all at the same time besides a suit?! Nothing. If your closet isn’t giving you proper inspo, it is time to look into buying a pantsuit, ladies. And if Olivia Palermo’s look is any indication, you’ll look fabulous.


Olivia Palermo rocked the look at Fragrance Foundation’s Finalists’ Luncheon in New York City. The organization is a non-profit that aims to bring all of the fragrance top brass into one room for networking. Their membership boasts “more than 82 of the world’s most important corporations in the world of Fragrance.” So it makes sense that Olivia brought her corporate-office-realness to the mix!

Just look at her mingling with guests and looking like a BOSS.


Olivia paired the look with a skinny scarf and red pocket square. Both her suit and accessories were complemented by her simple makeup and hassle-free hairstyle.


Regardless of how great Olivia looked, many celebs have opted to wear a suit on the red carpet.

Like Evan Rachel Wood.


And Amy Adams.


You get a pantsuit! And YOU get a pantsuit! Everyone gets a pantsuit!

Not only do you get a great range of motion out of these bad boys, the chances of having a wardrobe malfunction decreases significantly. Even when you opt for the “no shirt” look like Jenny Slate.


Basically, you can dress a suit up in any way you want. Which is why this trend is picking up steam in the fashion community. Whether it is velvet or a strikingly bright color, a pantsuit has got you covered. Hopefully, we will see more takes on the look in the future.