Olivia Munn is really into mushrooms but no, not the way you’re thinking

There’s nothing wrong with having weird quirks — in fact, at Hellogiggles, we’re all about celebrating them. But nothing could have prepared us for Olivia Munn’s strange new hobby: mushroom hunting.

And, no, Olivia — who usually has a few good jokes up her sleeve — is being dead serious. She recently made an appearance on The Ellen Show and made it clear that fungi is currently one of her favorite things.

It turns out that mushrooms are dangerous for dogs, so she started by making sure her little terrier-mix pup, Frankie, doesn’t accidentally eat them.

Let’s be honest, we all would learn just about anything to protect this cutie.


But now, she’s committed. The girl walks around her backyard in Green Bay, WI, picking unusual fungi, and sends photos to her mushroom-versed brother, John, to figure out what variety they are. And get this: Olivia doesn’t even like mushrooms (except for the ones “that come in a can,” she says) so she just admires them with her football player BF, Aaron Rodgers, and then throws them away.

She even geeks out pretty hard over mycelium, the white stringy part of the mushroom. Apparently, some of the stuff has grown from California to Kentucky, making it the largest organism in the world. Kinda rad.

Hear the full story for yourself (and watch Olivia adorably try to defend her mushroom-hunting hobby):


Who knew Olivia Munn was so into the science of fungi? We think it’s pretty darn awesome!