Olivia Munn just perfectly describes what happens any time we try to look cool for a photo

Trying on clothes can be a pain in the butt. There’s no better way to put it. And apparently, it’s not us mere mortals who have serious issues trying on clothes. In a recent Instagram post, Olivia Munn, who looked fabulous at the Office Christmas Party premiere, shared an Instagram post detailing her dressing troubles.

This isn’t the first time Olivia Munn made us laugh on Instagram. There’s a reason she is known for her great sense of humor. We love how she shares her dress mishaps with fans, making her one of the most relatable celebrities ever. And her latest Instagram post is no exception.

Look at Olivia Munn’s face!


In her post, Olivia notes:

This is the stupid look I have on my face for every single photo during a fitting. I'm trying to look cool and effortless, but I end up just looking lost and hungry. 😝 major props to my glam team for the epic transformation they do before events, since this is what I give them to work with 😑🙃

We feel you, sister! Thanks for sharing this hilarious photo of yourself. And frankly, we still think you look gorgeous.

Of course, Olivia doesn’t need us to tell her that. She has friend and Office Christmas Party co-star Jennifer Aniston to cheer her on. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Aniston praised Olivia:

"She's just a girl's girl. It's nice to be around women that support women. I think it's great and it's important and it's a good thing."

Now that’s a friendship we’d love to join! We bet Olivia Munn sent Jennifer Aniston tons of silly photos during her fitting. Oh, to be part of their group chat!