Olivia Munn has the most healthy and refreshing attitude towards dieting

Olivia Munn isn’t just stunningly gorgeous — she’s hilarious, talented and super into being healthy and fit for all the right reasons. In an interview with The Cut, Munn discussed her lifestyle choices and how she’s no longer as concerned with losing weight and dieting — but with being healthy and fit.

“My goals before were always about losing this much weight, or trying to make sure I could fit into this pair of jeans — they were always goals that I could measure out,” Munn said. “But I stopped focusing on anything that I could measure out. Instead, I’ve been focusing on how I feel. I want to feel strong; anything else that happens is a side effect of being healthy and fit. If I had to say what wellness means, it would be about getting to a place where mind and body are energized, you feel strong and healthy, and you’re sleeping well.”

Munn most recently played Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse, so being fit and healthy was a necessity. Have you seen her moves? They’re legit.

Feeling strong and healthy (rather than hitting a number on a scale) is the perfect goal to have. Like Munn suggested, everything else will likely naturally fall into place. And for Munn, being healthy doesn’t mean taking supplements — it means being as fit as her body will allow.

“When I think of wellness, I think of a vial of vitamins in a health-food store,” Munn added. “I don’t personally use the word wellness; I don’t have a connection with it. But a goal of mine since last summer is getting to a place where my body and mind are energized and calm. My goal is to get as physically fit as I can for my body.”

Mann’s attitude towards dieting and health is refreshing, but not at all surprising. She’s an all-around badass. A healthy, physically fit badass.

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