Olivia Munn’s modern-day perm proves the ’80s throwback trend is here to stay

When it comes to hair, the grass really is always greener on the other side. Poll any group of women, and you’ll hear plenty of curly-haired women admitting past wishes for straight hair, and straight-haired women confessing dreams of voluptuous waves. So the fact that beloved actress Olivia Munn got a perm feels like a vicarious self-actualizing move for all of us straight-haired dreamers too chicken to take the bold leap.

As with most big hair decisions, having financial access to top stylists can make all the difference between looking hot and looking like a hot mess. For her loose perm, the Ocean’s Eight star sought out the cream of the crop. LA stylist Kylie Fitzgerald performed the hair magic, and Munn’s new style embodies the ideal perm results: curls that compliment her face shape and look natural. The beachy waves make Munn look like she just rolled out of her minimal (yet glamorous) vacation home on the water.

If you’re feeling tempted to take the leap for a perm in 2018, you’re not alone. The perm has been making a serious comeback with both celebrities and beauty lovers across the board opting for the look. Just a few weeks back, Emma Stone got a perm, and even Taylor Swift had permed hair in her promo images for Reputation. Basically, the perm is EVERYWHERE.

To that point, let’s now behold the loveliness of Munn’s waves.

We’re loving the dose of natural volume.


These are the ideal waves for twirling flirtatiously.

Munn’s perm is cute enough, it just might inspire us to take the leap!

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