Olivia Munn had the most relatable dress mishap ever, thanks to Jennifer Lopez

All of us have dress mishaps, even celebrities! In fact, Olivia Munn had a recent Jennifer Lopez-induced dress mishap that she shared with her fans on Instagram. This isn’t the first time Olivia Munn has been silly on social media. And thanks to Instagram, we all know not to challenge her to a knife fight. Nonetheless, this latest social media experience is a classic example of what makes Olivia great.

The silliness began Saturday afternoon when Olivia Munn attempted to take a selfie wearing a new dress. (The dress, in case you are interested, is Balmain.)

But Olivia Munn knows not to sweat the small stuff.

As she explained to Good Housekeeping, Olivia learned her carefree attitude from her friends:

"With my anxiety, if I'm not in the mood to go out to dinner, I can't; I almost feel paralyzed. So I'm always impressed by how my friends take hits and keep going in life. Whatever profession they're in, no matter how stressed they are, they forge forward...I really admire the ability in a friend to be there for somebody emotionally. That's a great quality."

So instead of refusing to share the photo with the world, Olivia did just that.

She explained, "I tried this dress on the other day and then saw @jlo wearing it in a magazine and thought "Oh, THAT'S what it's supposed to look like.""

We love a lady with a sense of humor! Thanks, Olivia, for always being so relatable.

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