Olivia Culpo’s fall outfit is the perfect 90s throwback


Oh, Olivia Culpo, you are so deeply cool. You’re a Miss Universe, you’re a model, you’re an actress, you play the cello, you’ve made out with Nick Jonas…lady, you give new definition to the #goals.

And speaking of hashtags and goals, let’s talk about your recent #ootd, which gave us ALL the ’90s feels.

The perfect plaid, the lace-up booties, the slacker beanie…it’s like Culpo took a Josh outfit from Clueless and gave it some Cher Horowitz polish. This is low-key, high-fashion grunge, and it could not be more perfect for the ‘9os moment we’re having right now.

Take it all in:

In the caption, Culpo refers to her jeans and booties as her “staple fall pieces” that she will “probably be living in” this season. Dude, we’re 100% with you.

Speaking of Culpo and ’90s moments, here’s another one of her recent outfits that has us feeling both nostalgic and inspired:

Jeans on jeans! The Canadian tuxedo is so back, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Also, we are super-feeling the embellishments on the jacket. That little scissors pin is so freaking cute that we want to reach through our screens and steal it.

A+ fashion, Miss Culpo. These days, it’s hard to go wrong with throwing it back to the ’90s, but you’re in a class all your own. Way to show us all how it’s done.

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