We can’t stop laughing at Oliver Hudson’s response to tabloid stories about his sister, Kate Hudson

The stuff that some tabloids print is totally insane. And while everyone knows most of it is completely make-believe, we can’t help but think that constantly being torn done can really start to wear on you. Being famous can’t be all fun and games!

And the latest rumor is a doozy.

It has locked Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson in a steamy relationship.

But, of course, there’s no real evidence at all backing that up. And while it was probably all water under the bridge for Kate and Brad, Oliver Hudson (Kate’s brother) didn’t want to just let it go.

Actually, an insane Star magazine cover that Oliver probably saw at the supermarket—with the headline “Brad Moves In”—appeared to be the last straw. After all, this is his family (and house) we’re talking about!

So Oliver decided to take matters into his own hands with a hilarious Instagram post that’s literally got us in tears.

Between his hysterical, over-the-top descriptions of being frustrated living with the superstar and blaming him for losing one of his children, this is truly satire at its best.

So, are you cry-laughing over there? Because we’re in hysterics.

Oliver Hudson might be the best older brother ever. We’re guessing Kate (and hopefully Brad!) are having a few laughs over the whole thing.

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