Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Pasta?

That, friends, is the question Olive Garden is basically posing with its “Never Ending Pasta Pass.” No, we’re not talking about OG’s normal unlimited pasta bowl, which stops being unlimited once you leave the restaurant. Because there is still more pasta that exists in the world to be eaten.

To solve this riddle of how much pasta can a pasta-lover eat, you can buy a special pass that will allow you to eat all the pasta you can possibly handle for seven weeks in exchange for $100. Oh, and Coca Cola products are also included. Wait, is that actually a deal?

Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Pass seems like a way to land yourself in the hospital from a previously unknown pasta-related ailment, and a sure violation of the dictum all adults should know: Just because you can eat pasta for every meal doesn’t mean you should eat pasta for every meal. Only if you are a frequent diner at Olive Garden or insanely enthusiastic about a middling Italian chain eatery—like you would get the Unlimited Pasta Bowl more than ten times in seven weeks—would this deal make any sense.

But then again, Olive Garden is pretty delicious. So there’s that.

Of course, the Olive Garden can’t just offer that kind of generosity to all of their extended dining famiglia. Only the first 1000 folks to sign-up will get the privilege of turning the Olive Garden into their sole source for sustenance for almost two months. To those people, we wish you God speed, good luck, and maybe some Tums. You’ll need it.

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