This Nourishing Serum Has Saved My Overly Washed Hands During Quarantine

The ongoing pandemic has me washing and sanitizing my hands what feels like hundreds of times a day. The dry, sensitive skin on my hands has taken a serious hit, and now, it’s more irritated than ever. That’s why I’m on a mission to take my hand care as seriously as I take my skincare and hair care. After all, I’m using my hands all day long, whether I’m washing the dishes, playing the piano, or scrolling through my phone.

I’ve tried many different hand products these past few months, and the new [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Olive & June Hand Serum” context=”body”] is by far my favorite. Launched on September 17th, this ultra-hydrating treatment makes my hands noticeably softer and smoother every time I use it.

The [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Olive & June Hand Serum” context=”body”] features hyaluronic acid for hydration, cactus flower for smoothness, and fruit extracts with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) for exfoliating and brightening. It leaves my dehydrated hands feeling refreshed, even after vigorous sanitizing and scrubbing.

I can be a little impatient, so I love how the serum leaves a lightweight, non-greasy feel that lets me go right back to what I was doing without skipping a beat. I apply this hand serum throughout my work day, and it’s earned a permanent spot on my desk as a WFH essential. I also make sure to slather some on as part of my at-home manicures and self-care sessions.

Olive & June HAND SERUM

Shop it! Olive & June Hand Serum, $18; [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”” context=”body”]

Olive & June founder Sarah Gibson Tuttle explained in a press release that, “hand care is the new skincare.” The nail-care brand spent the last year developing the perfect hand serum after customers reported rubbing [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Olive & June’s award-winning cuticle serum” context=”body”] all over their hands. Tuttle got the idea for a hand serum “that is brightening, that is hydrating, and that over time, would make your hands look better and better.”

The result is a [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”hand serum” context=”body”] that has some of the same ingredients as the [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”cuticle serum” context=”body”] (like cactus flower), but also combats some of the skin issues frequent hand washing can cause, like dryness, itchiness, redness, roughness, and irritation.

Already, Olive & June shoppers are calling the serum “the hand creams of my dreams” and “the best stuff on the market,” raving about how the serum pampers their dry, rough hands, without leaving behind a greasy residue.

“This hand serum is the best,” [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”one shopper wrote” context=”body”]. “It feels so amazing on my hands. It’s super hydrating and my skin just drinks it up.”

[tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Another added” context=”body”], “This serum hydrates, plumps, and gives your whole hand the glow and sparkle that you feel inside. It’s even better chilled.”

Considering [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”Olive & June’s Cuticle Serum” context=”body”] has sold out five times, we doubt [tempo-ecommerce src=”” title=”the Hand Serum” context=”body”] will stay on the shelves for very long. Grab a tube before it’s gone—your hands will thank you.

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