Sometimes I feel like the oldest fangirl

I’ll be honest, I spend far too much time on Tumblr and social media to release my inner geek. I have more comic books than actual books, and I still make pilgrimages to Toys R Us to add to my collection of female action heroes. But when I go online and see text posts or memes talking about how Pokemon or Sailor Moon came out before “everyone” was born I can feel myself starting to get drenched in a cold sweat. Am I too old to love anime, should I not be having doctor who marathons, should I be investing in stocks and not Rilakkuma pencil cases? Perhaps, but my love for my geeky world is too strong to make me stop doing what I love. Some of my friends may never understand why I rather stay in and watch ’80s SciFi than go to brunch, or why I rather go to Comic Con than Coachella. But as long as I continue to take care of my responsibilities why not be fangirl and an adult, or may I propose; a fanwoman. Whose to say geeking is exclusive to young people, most of the things we geek for have been created by adults. My greatest dream is to be added to the list of geeky adult inventors. So even though so moments can be awkward it can be liberating to not ask my parents to drop me off at the con, and afterwards I can go to trivia night at the local pub. Yay to adulthood!

image; artist own