The oldest bookstore in America is also apparently haunted, FYI

If you like ghost stories (and regular stories, TBH), you’re going to love this. Apparently, America’s oldest bookstore is haunted, and if you want to visit it and try to track down a few spirits yourself, that task is a lot easier to accomplish than you might think.

According to The Guardian, the Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania has been open since 1745 and now spans 15,000 square feet. General manager Lisa Girard calls it more of an “experience” than a store, and after finding out the details, we certainly can’t argue with that. Like a lot of bookstores, the Moravian sells candy, gift items, and local treasures in addition to books, but the fact that it’s also spooky makes visiting it mean so much more.

It seems as though the Moravian bookstore has a ghost resident; employees say they’ve seen it a few times over the years.

Being that this store is almost 300 years old, if anywhere was going to be haunted, it would probably be this place. Think about all the history that building has seen since it opened. Plus, the ghost is reportedly pretty helpful. Jane Clugston, who has been working there for over 30 years, said a dark figure once led her and her coworker to the kitchen to discover that the stove had been left on.

Clugston said, "I don’t know why this person, ghost, spirit drew us back there, but I guess to turn off those appliances. I’d never thought of it until I told someone else and they said a ghost led you back there. But in that back hallway a lot of people have said that they’ve felt things and they’ve seen things.

Oh, and in addition to being haunted, the Moravian is actually really, really beautiful:

But anyway, back to the bookstore’s ghosts. If you want to experience them for yourself, you totally can. In the fall, the Moravian hosts haunted walking tours that take you through the shop and Bethlehem’s historic district, sharing stories of the spirits people have witnessed along the way. Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Halloween if you’re in the area, right?

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, it sounds like a fun time. Combine books and spooky encounters, and seems like you have the perfect fall afternoon. You know, if you don’t get freaked out by that kind of thing.