World’s greatest older sister just created the perfect guide to college

If you’re a member of the college class of 2019…you’re probably freaking out right now. It’s your last month of summer before starting a whole new chapter of life, and you have no idea what to expect. Well you can breathe easy, because Redditor gurltalk made an honest guide to college for her little sister, and by extension, all of us who are about to start the same journey.

She posted the images to Imgur, and they immediately took off:

The list covers everything you could possibly think of, from academics to social life. Here are some particularly noteworthy tidbits:

  • “You might not meet your college best friend till halfway through. Friendship will always come naturally.”
  • “Absolutely no one cares how you dress so if you feel so inclined, wear sweatpants.”
  • “A lot of people feel homesick their first semester, you will get through it and be glad you stayed.”

After the list went viral, she edited her post to clarify that since it was originally written for her sister, some items aren’t universal. While not all of these things may apply to you, they’re definitely a good jumping off point so you don’t walk onto campus feeling totally helpless.

If you’re still nervous, reach out to your school’s admissions counselors. It’s also likely that your school sent you the names of any student advisors or advising professors. Use your resources, and know that everybody is just as nervous and scared as you are. Embrace the newness, allow yourself to fall down sometimes, and you’ll have an awesome four years.

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