What it’s really like to look at your old Instagram pics. *cringes*

We’ve all taken that regrettable stroll down Internet memory lane when suddenly we’ve gone from 0 to “face-palm-embarrassing” in 60 seconds (and if you haven’t yet, I don’t believe you). Usually these moments are reserved for moody Facebook posts, or cheesy tweets — but what about our Instagram  posts? Buzzfeed’s team recently took to their office pool and asked their co-workers to gaze into the abyss of what could be their most embarrassing social media post to date, and the results are equal parts hilarious and terrifying.

Though Instagram’s only been around for a handful of years (five to be exact) that’s still enough time to generate posts you wish you had taken an extra second to think over before clicking, “Share.” That’s what William Neff (@williamneffcomedy) felt when he showed off his first post: a drunken dance floor selfie with the caption, “Be afraid be very afraid.”

The rest of their findings ranged from artsy geometric angles on an umbrella (@jenizzle), and one unfortunate Buzzfeed employee who “thought Instagram at first was a filter app” meaning most of her early selfies were published against her intent. Oops! But hey, sweet longboard and bedroom set-up, though!

To see the full video and to feel better about your awkward early internet experiences, click below:

(Image via Instagram)