These old commercials for the Internet are super hilarious

You know that Evolution of Dance video? Well here’s an evolution of the Internet video, and it’s pretty LOL-worthy. It starts in 1995, which is donkey’s years ago compared to where we are now in terms of technology. What begins with the revolutionary concept of sending email on the Internet goes on to explore web pages, instant messaging and even — *gasp* — text messages!

You can watch the whole video for yourself. Spoiler alert: Snoop Dogg is in it. Along with a whole crew of celebrities who you may have forgotten about. It’s a testament to just how much the Internet has woven itself into popular culture. Now, the two are pretty much indistinguishable.

This video comes from the news that Verizon is buying AOL, a once-staple of Internet culture. Now, AOL’s focus is smaller as it tries to rebrand itself in this new, overwhelming world of online information. What’s great about the world of the Internet is that very rarely are things left behind, instead they evolve and change with it—which is good news for your parents who keep accidentally putting their Google searches into their Facebook statuses. Soon, they’ve be Vine-ing with the rest of us! As a man in one of these commercials puts it: “What won’t they think of next?”

Which also begs the question, what will we think of technology now after twenty more years? Will I come back to this article and laugh? Hopefully, I’ll be doing that on a hover-board, because c’mon, why haven’t those happened yet?

Side note, has all this reminiscing made you nostalgic? Here’s a Google Chrome extension that brings back that “You’ve Got Mail” alert for your gmail!

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