Here’s the difference between the old and new Furbies because this is something you need to see

Old versus new Furbies. You may think you know all about the furry toys, including the difference between old and new Furbies, but just filled us in. Actually, What’s Inside? did a video demo for us, so we can see exactly what’s changed. After all, the toy has been modified several times since it first came out. 

Yup, ICYMI, What’s Inside? opened up a 2016 Furby Connect and a 1996 Furby to see “what’s inside.” We know, we know, it sounds sick to cut a cute stuffed animal/robot in half, but we’re learning crucial info here.

More on that in a moment, but if you need the dl on Furbies, here’s a mini lesson. They’re cute and fuzzy and seem to resemble Gizmo from the Gremlins movie. (There was even a Gizmo Furby made at one point!)

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So cute!

In addition, Furbies have a ton of features, like voice recognition, facial movements, and even their own language (if you guessed Furbish, you win). Not only can Furbies talk to you, so to speak, but also to each other (!!).

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And, Furbies even have their own smartphone app. Plus, you may have heard that there’s a live-action Furby movie being made. True story (and we’re super excited, btw).

So, what did What’s Inside? find in the two Furbies they dissected? We’ll show you a few scenes, but you’ll have to watch the rest to see the detailed insides of the two Furbies. It’s worth it, trust us, and super interesting. But, quick warning: You will see Furbies cut in half, so you’ve been warned.

Here they are at the start, a 1996 Furby versus a 2016 Furby Connect.


As What’s Inside? prepares to take them apart, it looks like Furby Connect is crying, amirite?! Awwww.


Here are the Furbies in pieces. ? But, it is for the sake of science.


And here they are if each Furby was pieced together with the other Furby.


To see more of the differences and similarities between the Furbies’ insides, check out the video by What’s Inside? to be even more impressed.

Fascinating, amirite? If you’re like us, now you can never look at Furbies the same way again.