We’re all about Okilly Dokilly, the Ned Flanders-themed metal band

You heard that correctly. Okilly Dokilly is the Phoenix-based band that pays homage to the mustachioed cartoon character in the best way possible: heavy metal. They cannonballed into the mainstream music scene after their band photo, in which the bandmates are all clad in matching green sweaters, pink polos and facial hair, went viral on Reddit. And for good reason, it’s hilarious, and their story only gets funnier.

Not only do they all look like versions of Ned Flanders, they’re named after him as well. The group is made up of Head Ned, who does the vocals, Red Ned on the keytar, Thread Ned playing bass, Stead Ned strumming the guitar, and Bled Ned on drums.

The idea came to Head Ned and Bled Ned while they were at the grocery store. As they were waiting in line, they decided to come up with funny and adorable names for heavy metal bands, since the two rarely go hand in hand. Once they thought of “Okilly Dokilly,” Ned Flander’s signature catch phrase, they couldn’t let it go to waste. They immediately headed home to begin writing.

This isn’t entirely out of the blue. Members of Okilly Dokilly have been in bands around their town for some time, but this is their first time trying heavy metal (or Nedal, as they’ve taken to calling it). Their process is pretty foolproof. Head Ned explained that he simply finds, “some [Flanders] quotes online that are somewhat dark when taken out of context and then riff[s] on the guitar a bit.” I’m sure being super talented helps as well. I mean, just take a listen:

And that’s not all. According to Head Ned, they have four more completed songs that aren’t on the internet. So, if you’re in the Phoenix area, you can catch these songs at Okilly Dokilly’s first show on September 5th at Trunk Space. If not, you can just jam away in the comfort of your own bedroom. That sounds pretty fan-doodly-tastic.

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