“It’s Okay,” a film starring our girl Jenna Fischer as a desperate housewife

Tamar Levine is a pretty cool lady. First, she wowed us with Miss U Like Crazy, a short film about dealing with the parts of a breakup that make us feel crazy (seriously, we’ve all shame-eaten peanut butter out of the garbage at some time or another). Then last year we were enamored by the #WeAreAllUncool campaign she did alongside Nicole Alvarez — you know the one where celebrities and regular folks alike posted selfies and confessed personal insecurities on social media? Even though it was “uncool,” we thought the movement was pretty darn rad. So we were stoked to hear about one of the L.A.-based photographer’s latest projects, a short film titled It’s Okay.


It’s Okay is a short film featuring Jenna Fischer (The Office) and Thomas Sadoski (The Newsroom) playing a married couple stuck in the daily routines that they have created for themselves. Known simply as “him” and “her,” we watch the couple struggle in their own ways to break away from their robotic lifestyles, each in their own way. The characters are both relatable in the way that it’s easy for us to sometimes settle into our routines and forget that above all else, communication is key in any relationship . . . because otherwise you might end up just screaming into the face of monotony, questioning everything you’ve done with your life.

Just a warning: this film may or may not make you want to learn the art of diorama, mask-making, and discovering the strange satisfaction of watching eggs sizzle perfectly in a frying pan (seriously, trust us). We’re pretty excited to see what Levine comes up with next.

“It’s Okay”

Directed by Tamar Levine
Starring Jenna Fischer and Thomas Sadoski
Screenplay by Jacqueline Austin
Dialogue by Neil LaBute
Story by Tamar Levine
Produced by Cyberia Media

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